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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How does this whole process work?
    • First of all, we talk with you on the phone or via email to get an understanding of what type of organizing you're interested in.
    • Next, we'll schedule a consultation appointment that fits your schedule in order to assess your specific situation.
    • After the assessment, the actual organizing process begins.  Once again, this is based on your schedule as we work with clients throughout the entire organization process.
    • Finally, you will receive a follow-up plan to help you stay organized and motivated.   

    What happens to the items I need to get rid of?
      You have several options, but the final choice is always left up to the client.  You may...

  • Sell unwanted items (ebay, consignment shops, garage sales, etc.)
  • Donate items to the charity of your choice
  • Recycle unwanted items
  • Throw away items which are broken or no longer usable.

    How will you know what is important to me?
       Our job is to work with our clients and no decision is made without their consent.  Only you know what is important to you and we will respect your property and your opinion as we go through the organization process.


All About Space
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